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Warm Potato and Leek Vichyssoise Soup with Bacon Crumbles

Traditionally a Vichyssoise soup is served cold, but in our version, we suggest warming this soup through so that you can taste all of the deep, complex flavors. Potatoes and leeks are chopped and sauteed together then slowly simmered in chicken broth. We then hit the mixture with the immersion blender and heavy cream is added to create a luxuriously creamy consistency. We crisp up some bacon and crumble it up on the side, along with some chives, so you can sprinkle both on top.  This soup is so comforting, it’s exactly what you crave on a cold evening. This soup comes in a 32 oz. large container.

Ingredients: leeks, potatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil, chicken stock, heavy cream, bacon, chives

   Gluten Free      Nut Free

*We use gluten free products when preparing gluten free items. This item is not prepared in a gluten free facility.

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