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Catering for a Cause

We've Combined Catering and Doing Good

What to create a memorable experience for your guests while DOING GOOD  for your local community? We've come up with the perfect way to do both. 


How it works

Take It Home's exclusive "Get a Meal, Give a Meal" partnership with the Food Bank of South Jersey also applies to any catered event that you may be planning. Our unique partnership with the Food Bank allows us to donate one meal to the Food Bank of South Jersey for every meal that you purchase for your event. In addition, we will also bring vacuum sealed prepared meals (of the food that will be served at your event) available for purchase on-site, so that your guests have the opportunity to "Take It Home," creating a memorable experience that lasts days after your event ends. The meals that are sold on-site at your event, we also match in donations to the Food Bank of South Jersey. We are the first gourmet catering company in the country to come up with this exciting new concept!


How do I get started planning my event?

It's easy! Just text us (at the orange floating button on the right side of this page) and we will set up a no-obligation consultation with you. During your consultation, we will visit you at your location and discuss the type of event you are planning, how many guests you will be expecting and then of course the menu that we will design just for you. We then produce an exact quote for your event (so there is no guess work for you) and immediately get to work creating deliciously flawless food.

The day of your event, we will deliver your catering to your event site and make sure everything is executed to your liking. In addition to the fresh food we will be providing , unique to the Take It Home's CATERING FOR A CAUSE concept, we will also bring vacuum sealed packaged versions of the food your guests will be enjoying during your event, so that your guests can purchase these meals on-site and enjoy days later after your event has ended. For every vacuum sealed prepared meal that is purchased on-site at your event, we will donate one meal to the Food Bank of South Jersey - just another way we make it EASY  to give back and  enjoy your event!


here's the best part

At the end of your event, we will tally up how many meals your event has donated to the Food Bank of South Jersey, through on-site sales of Take It Home meals and through the catered event itself. Then, you'll be able to spread the word to all attendees that your event just fed HUNDREDS  of local families in need just by having a great time and enjoying our food. What's better than that?